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WP Electric

WP Electric, a collaborative venture between Chris Wingo and Mark Patek, combines Wingo Electric’s and MW Plus Services legacies. With over 26 years of combined experience in the electrical industry, our roots trace back to two reputable family-owned businesses: Wingo Electric, founded by Chris’s father, and Patek Services, established by Mark’s family.

Chris Wingo carried on Wingo Electric from his father, who had served customers for over a decade. Meanwhile, Mark Patek’s family-owned MW Plus Services, a business with a 14-year history. Their union forming WP Electric was a strategic move to expand coverage, increase resources, and enhance customer service.

Extensive Array of Tools And a Broader Customer Base

Extensive Array of Tools
And a Broader Customer Base

Merging the two companies brought together a wealth of expertise, a larger fleet of vehicles, an extensive array of tools, and a broader customer base. By combining forces, WP Electric ensures comprehensive coverage and efficient operations, providing superior service to our valued clients.

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